Personal Training and Weight-loss in Sarasota

Personal training & Weight loss in Sarasota

Grant Norman, CPT

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Sarasota, Siesta, Osprey, Palmer Ranch, Venice

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SRQ Fitness, weight loss in Sarasota, FL. Grant Norman personal trainer

A Slimmer and Healthier You...

You take your fitness goals very seriously. I understand that losing weight can be challenging, and my aim is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. I will analyze your body type, composition, and metabolism, to create your individualized fitness plan.

SRQ Fitness gym in Sarasota. Shape up and slim down with Grant Norman personal trainer

Shape Up and Get Toned!

 Strong, toned muscles are important to our overall health & well-being. Resistance training is a must for weight loss, seniors, and anyone with bone density concern. My medium-intensity resistance programs will firm & shape your body to give you the look you desire. I will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. 

Grant Norman at SRQ Fitness improves your golf and tennis game. Senior Fitness gym in Sarasota.

Lifestyle Fitness ~ Stay in the Game!

Staying fit helps us to enjoy every aspect of our life! Family, friends, everyday tasks, and especially our hobbies. In addition to toning up & slimming down, my programs also improve flexibility and balance for overall fitness and sports performance.

Location, Location, Location...

Fitness Studio

Personal Training Weight-loss workouts in Sarasota

 I train my clients in a 2200sf private gym that is only for personal training sessions 

Home or Clubhouse

Home-based personal training and weight-loss in Sarasota with Grant Norman

 I can come to you! If you would rather use your well-equipped home gym or clubhouse 


Swimming Pool workouts in Sarasota.

 Added buoyancy can help with extra weight, bad knees/feet, and post PT. Also suited for small groups. 

What clients are saying about SRQFitness

Grant Norman, Personal Trainer, Sarasota,Florida  SRQ Fitness

Sharon R.

 I've been trained by Grant for several years - he tailors your program specifically to fit your needs.  I am re-training an injured shoulder from competing beach volleyball and we've center the attention around strengthening the proper muscle groups.  He's wonderful to work with! 

Didi I.

 Work-out and comedy? Be ready to laugh your abs off :) 

Andre C.

 My wife and I are enthusiastic. We made the right decision by choosing SRQFitness. 

Jim S.

 Grant is very respectful regarding each individual’s fitness level and their particular fitness goals.  Even though I did similar exercises thirty years ago , he is helping me with my form and core strength.  Financially, it is a tremendous value in the long run ! I would certainly recommend his coaching service to anyone at any level. 

Emily G.

 When I started searching for a trainer, I did my due diligence and talked with myriad different trainers within a 30 mile radius. Grant caught my eye in that he was surpassing of all other styles and outlines right off the bat. So, after many sessions with him, I can sincerely say that he is an exemplary personal trainer! He enjoys what he does, is detail-oriented, versatile, and so personable. He's deeply knowledgeable and welcoming when it comes to addressing (the many) questions and curiosities  that come along with fitness. In terms of both short term (recovery) and long term (results) success, his training style is truly the gold standard; I never leave a session without feeling revitalized, more limber, strengthened, and overall closer to my target. He's an integral extension of my fitness regimen. 

Ellie S.

 Grant is a very caring and knowledgeable trainer, he's  attuned to the needs of clients.  Lets face it, everybody's a little different, I had injured myself training on my own previously, but Grant was able to show me and teach me modifications to stay healthy and active.  He's professional, friendly and makes the training fun!  The nutrition tips are also helpful. 

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